• Phone Number: 609-287-0169 and 218-303-2185
  • 1318 32nd Street Circle South, Moorhead, MN 56560
  • Email Address: Caringforadult@gmail.com
Providing a place like home
senior man and caregiver smiling

Caring For Adults is a provider of adult foster care in Moorhead, Minnesota. We are confined to aiding people in building individual decisions that form their state of existence, permitting individuals to live the life they picture for themselves.

Our innovative service delivery schemes at Caring For Adults are focused on ensuring people with disabilities have meaningful relationships, access to services, and opportunity to contribute to the community.

Our Mission

To support the State of Minnesota to provide outstanding 24-hour care in a home setting according to each service plan for individuals who are unable to live independently due to disability.

Our Vision

All people, regardless of abilities, should have access to, choice of, and an opportunity to participate in a full range of house and community activities.

Trained Staff

Caring For Adults will work individually to meet your needs and interests. We will build a trustful connection as we work collectively to gain new skills and accomplish our personal aims as care professionals.

All staff members are trained in Vulnerable Adult/ Maltreatment of Minor Act. Each member of our team also receives ongoing training and education on controlled substances, mental health first aid, diabetes and high blood pressure, borderline personality disorder, bipolar and related disorders, medication administration, CPR, client/patient rights, brain injury, and hospice supports. Our staff also receive continuous, functional education based on the physical and emotional needs of each individual we support.

Get in Touch

Let us know how we can help you today. For your further questions and concerns, please contact us at your convenience. We’re here to assist you.